After You Watch This, You’ll Never Again Eat This Popular Fries

It is frequently hard to withstand the to pull within when you see the best yellow arches…the call from the French fry is fairly solid! But, have you ever ended to imagine the way how those fries are produced?

After you see this, you might think twice about going through the drive-thru.

McDonald’s has been quite good at keeping the secret about how the fries are made – until now.

Michael Pollan, professor of journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, is claiming he has learned the secret and wants the world to know! Pollan found out that McDonald’s uses a certain type of potato that is susceptible to browning.

To prevent this, McDonald’s must use a pesticide to prevent the discoloration – a harmful pesticide.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Pollan states that the pesticide can stay on the potato for several weeks after it is applied.

There are harmful side effects to humans if the potatoes are eaten too soon after the pesticide has been applied. Symptoms include blurred vision, slurred speech, coma, difficulty breathing, and even death!

McDonald’s, in response, released footage of how their fries are made. The process involves washing, skinning, and grating.

The fries get a coating of sugar and then are frozen before being shipped to the restaurants. I am not sure how these details help explain the presence of the pesticide.

Anyway, now you know. You are an informed customer and can make the decision yourself. Do you want the fries or should you choose a healthier snack?