What Doctors Found in Her Eyes Is Shocking

A woman from China had been worrying about itching and irritated eyes. When a unusual secretion came out, the lady finally visited the doctor.

This video shows the shocking discovery at microscopic level.

According to reports, a Chinese woman named Ms. Zhang started experiencing a strange itching and had a disgusting discharge coming from her eye. She initially thought she had some sort of infection stemming from a recent stroke but started to become more concerned when she noticed things moving in her eyelid.

After going to see a doctor, Zhang discovered that the symptoms weren’t related to an infection at all and that she had lice living in her eye.

“These lice were all white in color,” Dr. Bao Guisheng said. “I thought they were some sort of a parasitic bug, like mites or something, but when we looked through a microscope, we saw that they were lice.”

The doctor, with the help of nurses, removed the lice from the woman’s eye, and while experts say this is rare, it does happen.