Doctors Eliminate Enormous Boil Under His Mouth

When this guy went to see his doctor, he was tormented by an massive boil below his mouth. The abscess, that he’d first experienced 4 days prior to his appointment, had in the meantime developed to the volume of a dinosaur egg. Now he was finally receiving help. If you plan on seeing the video, I hope you have a good stomach!

This is not for the faint hearted – a surgeon has popped a huge abscess on a man’s jaw and captured the moment on video.

Doctor Osama Makkia, 27, from Syria, spent 20 minutes scrapping the pus out of his patient’s abscess – which he admits is one of the biggest he has ever come across.

After qualifying five years ago, Dr Osama believes this abscess was caused by poverty in the area and bad oral health.

The abscess had only been spotted four days earlier but had grown at a rapid rate.

Once surgery had taken place, it took three days for the patient to recover from his ordeal.

Contorted with pain, the patient’s face speaks volumes. But once his head gets several truckloads of pus drained from it, the abundant relief is clear to see… Thank goodness for scalpels!