Detox Your Body Through Your Feet

If your body contains too much toxins can cause a lot of damage to your organs especially if they build up in your body. Detoxifying though your feet can help you eliminate toxins easily and effectively without having to make any major dietary changes. Best of all, this treatment is believed to be one of the safest methods for detoxification.

It is widely known that the waste products (toxins) accumulated from the food we eat and the polluted air we breathe in contribute to many health problems to our body. When the waste products in our body reaches an excessive level, they can cause fatigue, lethargy, restlessness or other health problems.

These health problems are virtually undetectable and the doctor will continue to give you a clean bill of health despite you knowing somewhere, somehow, things are not quite right with your body. Afterall, who knows your body better, yourself or the wise doctor who probably think that you are imagining things!


Foot detox treatments include foot detox pads and detox foot spas, which can be either homemade or electric. Doing either of these methods on a regular basis can significantly improve your life as it provides a natural body detoxification.

They are also known as foot detox patches and are really easy to use. Basically, you apply them before going to bed and remove them after waking up. It’s normal for the pads to get dark as they absorb the toxins from your body while you’re sleeping. Most people who’ve used them say that they feel less fatigue and joint pain, as well as fewer headaches. Foot detox pads have long been part of the Japanese tradition.


These baths are also meant to remove toxins from your body through your feet. They use an electrical process to create positive and negative ions in warm saltwater.

What ionic detox foot baths do is ionize warm saltwater with alternating polarities. At the same time you can breathe easily while enjoying the sense of well-being that comes from the feet soak.

Toxins are eliminated from your body while your feet are immersed in the bath.

Toxins get into our body through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the body care products we use. In fact, toxins are everywhere around us. That’s why it’s vital to cleanse your body regularly to enjoy good health.