Delicious Chocolate Coconut Mousse-(Gluten Free,Banting,Keto,Low Carb,Vegan)

While examining ketogenic treats a week ago I discovered a few recipes for keto chocolate mousse.n chocolate mousse in that it uses avocado as it’s key ingredient. I ended up making a mash up of few different recipes I found online, and was rather satisfied with the creamy, rich dessert I whipped up.The recipe below is for genuine dark chocolate lovers – it isn’t too sweet, it’s rather dense and it really hits the spot. You can make variations on it if you want something milkier , lighter or sweeter too!

Required Ingredients for 4 servings
*If you can,choose organic

4 Tbsps organic coconut milk
4 Tbsps unsweetened almond milk
2 Tbsps coconut oil
10 tablets of Stevia crushed

2 ripe hass avocados
1 cup of premium unsweetened cocoa powder
2 Tbsps coconut cream (I used Biona, which you can find at the Gourmet Supermarket on the plaza level of Murjan 3, JBR)
Step 1: Preparing the avocados
Cut them up into little pieces and place them in your blender.

Step 2: Add all the other ingredients

Simply toss em all in and give it a good mix. You may need to stop, give it a stir, and keep going to make sure all the avocado gets mixed nicely. Depending on the ripeness of the avocados this could take 2 minutes or 10 minutes – so look for really ripe avocados!

Step 3: Make adjustments if necessary

Have a little taste of the texture of your mousse. Add some coconut oil if it’s too dry, if it’s not sweet enough – more stevia, and if it’s too much chocolate for your taste add in more almond milk (or whipping cream in case you’re fine with dairy).

Step 4: Serve and enjoy!

Spoon the mousse into 4 individual servings and enjoy! You can top it with berries or a few shavings of dark chocolate too. Raw, vegan, healthy and super tasty all in one.

24.5g fat,313 calories, 6.75g protein, 19g carb per serving