Cook Rice Like This And Absorb Half Less Calories And Burn Much More Fat

The people in America consume a lot of calories and this was also confirmed by the USDA. As per their information, a normal individual consumes 500 more calories a day than it is really required.

In comparison with the 70’s, 20% more calories are consumed on a daily basis. This is one of the major reasons why many Americans are overweight or obese.

Luckily, there are ways to reduce the intake of calories. For instance, there is a method of cooking rice with coconut oil which reduces the calorie absorption to more than 50%.

In this method the rice becomes a resistant starch. It becomes able to resist the absorption of starch and sugar into the bloodstream.

All starches, including rice, are easily digested and they convert into sugar or glucose in the blood in a very short period.

Most of the ingredients in starches are stored into the muscles and liver in a form of glycogen. However, extra glucose is stored in the form of fat. Meanwhile, fat leads to different health issues including obesity.

If the starch is resistant, it will not be digested. Instead, it will become food for the good microbes found in the large intestines.

So, resistant starch will reduce excess glucose in the bloodstream and will keep the colon cells healthy. Moreover, this starch is beneficial for healthy elimination and natural burning of fats.

Coconut oil is the magical ingredient

The method of making rice a resistant starch is simple and quick. Follow the steps below:

  • Boil water and add one teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • Stir them well and after the coconut oil dissolves add half a cup of rice.
  • Simmer from 20 to 40 minutes or until the rice is cooked well.
  • When done cooking, leave the rice in the fridge for 12 hours.

Even though this meal may look like a leftover, it is extremely beneficial for your health, especially if you have blood sugar or weight problems.

The resistant starch content of the rice will increase. This rice is 10 times more resistant starch than regular rice.

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How does it work?

The coconut oil makes the sugar in the rice resistant to digestive system’s enzymes, so it cannot be digested or decomposed.

While in the fridge, rice sugar becomes resistant starch and the resistant starch levels cannot be reduced even if you reheat the cooled rice.

You must be aware that overeating this meal may disturb the blood sugar levels. You can also use the following foods rich in nutrients as side dishes: mushrooms, sweet potatoes, barley, cauliflower, leafy green vegetables, squash and quinoa.