Check the Health of Your Organs With Only 1 Minute Trick

Did you know that you can specify the health of your organs only with a spoon? Might look you strange, but now we will explain how you can do it. All you need is one spoon, a plastic bag and one minute. This is interesting and amazing way check the health of your organs.

With this method you can check your hormones, metabolism, intestinal, respiratory system, intestines and kidneys as well.

How to perform the experiment?

Scrape your tongue with a spoon. It is best to start from the end of the tongue (near the throat) and take a bit of saliva. Then tie the spoon with a plastic bag. Check spoon after 1 minute – clean spoon means healthy organs. But to be sure, smell the spoon. If it smells different from saliva read the text below.

Place the spoon under the light:

• Orange color can mean kidney problems, including chronic renal disease

• Purple color of the spoon can mean high cholesterol, bronchitis or poor circulation.

• White color can mean respiratory infection.

• Thick white or yellow color means imbalance in the mouth or thyroid problem.

If the spoon smells bad, can be hygienic problem. So it needs to regularly clean your teeth and gargle twice a day. But it can be a bigger problem.

• Ammonia smell indicates improper functioning of the kidneys

• Sweet smell indicates diabetes or high sugar level in your blood

• Another smell can indicate lung or gastric problems

It should be clear that this method does not get accurate results, but you can see whether your body needs professional care.

If you are not sure this method of treatment, remember that Western science supports this method of analysis of tongue that can determine the health of the whole body. Chinese people use this method to detect health problems over a period of 5,000 years, and we can benefit as well.

This is a simple and inexpensive method. But remember that this test can not replace professional examination!

If you notice anything different, just go to your doctor. And take care of nutrition because many health problems are treated with natural food, proper nutrition, hydration …