Cabbage Leaves to Reduce Breast Swelling and Relieve the Pain

This popular trend is used by many women from all around the world, they putting cabbage leaves on their breasts in order to reduce swelling and relieve the pain caused by breast-feeding. This method is also helpful to reduce the pain caused from wearing uncomfortable bra.

Researchers do not know if there is a property within the cabbage itself that helps to decrease the pain and swelling, or if the swelling goes down because the cabbage leaves are acting as cold compresses. Either way, some studies show that if you are breastfeeding and you put cold cabbage leaves directly on your breasts, it’s not only soothing, but it can help lessen your breast pain and swelling.

How to Use Cabbage Leaves for Breast relaxation

  • Put the cabbage is refrigerator for an hour. Once it’s cold, Peel off the outer layer of leaves, and throw them away. Then, pull off two of the inner leaves to use.
  • Wash these two inner leaves in cold water. You want to be sure that they are clean and free from dirt, pesticides, and residue.
  • Cut the stem of the leaves so it can fit properly on your breasts without covering the nipples.
  • Now, you can place the clean, cold cabbage leaves on your breasts. Wrap the leaves around your breast, but leave your nipples exposed. If you keep the leaves off of your nipples, it will help the skin around your nipples to stay dry and intact.
  • You can leave the cabbage leaves on your breasts for approximately 20 minutes or until they become warm. Then, remove them from your breasts.
  • Repeat as necessary.

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If you are still breastfeeding, or pumping for your baby, and just want to use cabbage leaves to help decrease breast swelling and relieve breast engorgement, you should stop this treatment once you notice that your breasts are feeling better, and the swelling has gone down.