Beverage Before Sleep For Weight Loss

All of us understand that honey is one of the most healthy foods on the earth. Because of its prosperous nutritional content, it offers many effective results. The least complicated items are in fact the most successful things in this planet.

Simply a couple of individuals understand that the mixture involving cinnamon and honey is certainly the most effective blend in the battle against extra fat.

Cinnamon can provide many health benefits, such as: it will improve your complexion, lower your cholesterol levels, increase the blood flow, perfect for the heart, stomach, intestines and the best thing about cinnamon is that will speed up the weight loss process and help you lose weight much faster (even when you sleep).

You can use cinnamon as a supplement to all the dishes after a quarter of a teaspoon to every meal, replace sugar with cinnamon, fully or partially or make a special mixture for weight loss and drinking it regularly.

Every night before you go to sleep you should drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder. And, if you use this drink regularly, then you will be amazed by the results.


Add ½ tsp of cinnamon powder to 200 ml of water and leave it for 30 min. Add a tsp of raw organic honey when the water is cool enough and then store it in the fridge.

Consume it 30 min before you go to bed without adding anything else in it.

This powerful combo will accelerate the process of digestion, removes bacteria, fungi, parasites, waste and toxins from the body, cleanse your digestive tract and burn the excess fat in your body!

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