The Best 5 Herbs for Diabetes

Before the advancement and globalisation of modern pharmaceutical drugs, primitive cultures relied on medicinal plants and herbs to treat ailments and diseases. While more illnesses are termed chronic, diabetes inclusive, and modern medication proved incompetent, many turn back to the nature’s medicine. Having said that, here are five herbs that are known to help diabetes…

Gymnema sylvestre


Leaves of this herb contain gymnemic acids, which are instrumental in slowing down the rate of glucose absorption from the intestines into the circulatory system, thus lowering levels of the blood sugar. It is additionally an appetite suppressant that helps diabetics suppress sugar craving and lose the required weight to improve their general health condition.

Tip: For ideal results, gymnema sylvestre should be taken as tea 10 minutes before every meal.



Licorice root contains a natural compound, Amorfrutins, which contributes to its anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects. Amorfrutins works by activating the PPARγ receptor, pushes the genes responsible for regulating fatty acids and sugar levels and in the blood to work. This retard the accumulation of abdominal fat and guards against the infiltration of fatty liver that results due to increased level of sugar in the blood.

Tip: Not every licorice candy and whips contain licorice extract. It is best taken in the form of a herbal tea or as supplement.


Fenugreek leaves,pods and seeds
Fenugreek leaves,pods and seeds

Seeds fenugreek have an abundance of soluble fiber which slows down digestion and the rate of carbohydrate absorption. Fenugreek contains protein known as 4-hydroxyisoleucine which stimulate the pancreas to create insulin. The mixture of these actions lead to lower blood sugar and normalize insulin levels. They also reduce levels of cholesterol to improve overall health.

Tip: Soak 10 grams of the cleaned seeds in high temp water overnight and consume on an empty stomach next morning.


Cinnamonum verum

In some researches, it was found that a mere 1g of cinnamon consumed over 40 days has very good impact on diabetics. Reduced blood sugar levels, increased good cholesterol, reduced bad cholesterol and also increased insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon could be a good supplement to the conventional medical treatment.

Tip: Cinnamon can be used in various ways, grounded can be added to salad, coffee or savory soup, and also comes in a form of tea.

Bitter Melon


This popular culinary vegetable, it is also a medicinal vegetable taken for numerous health benefits in Asia. Bitter melon includes three main acting agents, Vicine, Polypeptide-P and Charantin. These insulin-like ingredients aids metabolism of sugar and sugar levels regulation in blood, thereby reducing the severity of diabetes.

Tip: Also Bitter melon can be taken as a juice, tea or supplement. Be aware that overconsumption of bitter melon may lower blood sugar level to unhealthy levels and result in numerous side effects like shakiness, giddiness or digestive problems. It is prudent to get a recommended dosage by a doctor.