Benefits Of Massaging This Area On Your Feet

Acupressure is a historical practice of therapeutic treatment. It is an alternative technique of therapy. In this article, we deliver you one element of acupressure, that assists in dealing with a number of health conditions. Read the article and try it.

This is the point on the foot.

It is referred to as LV 3, Liver 3, Tai Chong and Great Surge.

It is situated at the top of the foot.

Between the toe and the first finger.

In order to perform acupressure at the point, do this:

Sit on a chair and then use your thumb or index finger to gradually apply pressure towards the root of the toe. Press for a minute.

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One of the many benefits of this point is relief from stress.

Massaging the LV3 point helps in the reduction of stress and increases the level of concentration. It also helps to relieve fatigue.

LV 3 is also known to help in headaches.

Acupressure at this point also lessens pain, because of its connection to lower back.

It helps in depression.

Acupressure at LV 3 helps in reduction of anxiety and depression. It helps in overcoming insomnia and depression.