13 Amazing Dish Soap Tips for the Home and Garden

Plate soap is not simply useful for washing individuals greasy dishes, pots, in addition to pans. There are likewise countless other possible makes use of that a lot of people have never ever even considered.

1. Make brown grass green again

Just for this you’ll need to load a bucket with concerning 2 at the same time diet soda pop, a cup of hammer toe syrup or sugar viscous syrup, half a cup regarding mouthwash, and one glass of dish soap. And then fill the container other way with water.

Mix this mixture on your current lawn every three days watching your grass acquire greener and greener. We all recommend using an environmental dish soap for this specific particular trick.


2. Unclog your toilet

If your toilet is clogged, a cup of dish soap might do the trick. Wait about 10 minutes after adding the soap and then pour a bowl of hot water into the toilet and flush once. Your clog should now be cleared!

3. Wash your hair and repair damage from coloring

Of course, dish soap is great at dissolving grease. Therefore, it makes a great addition to any shampoo. Add a few drops of soap into your shampoo bottle. Rinsing your hair with water and a few drops of dish soap once a week is also a great way to treat hair damage from coloring.

4. Clean blenders and food processors

You don’t have to take your kitchen gadgets apart to give them a good clean. Simply fill the blender half full with water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, run it for a few seconds and and then rinse with water. Then just let your appliance air dry.

5. Get rid of ants

Whether on the patio, in the garden, or inside your home, ants can be really bothersome. But you can eliminate them quickly and easily by mixing dish soap and vinegar or glass cleaner in equal parts in a spray bottle. Spray the ants and wait a few minutes. The ants won’t be disturbing your picnic or morning coffee anymore!

6. Clean the air conditioner

It’s important to clean your air-conditioning filter at least once a month. It’s easy to do: just place your filter in a bath of warm water and dish soap and carefully scrub it with a toothbrush. Once all the dirt and dust is removed, rinse it again with water and let it air dry.

7. Get rid of weeds

Typical weed-killing chemicals are really bad for the environment. A better alternative is mixing a tablespoon of dish soap with about 2 cups of water and applying it to the weeds’ favorite spots on your patio or sidewalk.

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8. Make-up brush cleaner

Regularly cleaning your make-up brushes and sponges is a good way to prevent blackheads and pimples. A mixture of water and a few drops of soap should do the trick.

9. DIY cooling pad

Dish soap is perfect for creating a homemade cooling pad because it stays cooler longer than water. You can make one by following the instructions for trick number 3 here .

10. Remove tough stains

Some stains are really tough to get rid of, but dish soap can help solve this problem. Try putting a few drops of dish soap on the spot before washing it like normal and witness its stain-fighting power.

11. Blowing bubbles

Kids LOVE playing with bubbles. Add one part soap to two parts water and let your kids run wild with soap bubbles galore!

12. Wash your pets

A warm bath with a little dish soap is a great way to wash away the grease and bacteria from your pet’s fur.

13. Batik art

Dish soap is a main ingredient for this beautiful, colorful artwork. Fill a bowl with milk and add different food coloring. Now, soak a cotton swab in soap and put it in the bowl. Kids will be amazed by what happens!

Dish soap is an affordable and useful tool far beyond the kitchen – don’t hold back!