12 Amazing Ways How You Can Re-use Coffee Grounds

Every morning cup of coffee has a lot positive effects, but there are also many benefits and after you have finished drinking it. So below in this article you can find 12 incredible reasons why you shouldn’t throw away already used coffee grounds.

How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

  1. As Pest Repellent

There is nothing worse than annoying pests destroying your beautiful garden. Don’t worry here is an easy solution for that problem. Sprinkle used coffee grounds around your plants on your patio and around the flower beds and you will get rid of ants, snails and slugs. Mix some old grounds with dried orange peel and keep away your cat from digging in your garden.

  1. As Fertilizer

If you want your hydrangeas, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, roses or other acid- loving plants to grow, then used coffee grounds are the right fertilizer for you. Mix the coffee grounds with dead grass clippings, brown leaves, or dry straw to neutralize some of the acidity around your plants. By sprinkling coffee grounds around your plants you are adding nitrogen and potassium to the soil and also a boost of magnesium which all plants need in order to stay healthy.

However, you should keep in mind that this kind of fertilizer doesn’t consist of enough phosphorus and calcium so it won’t be good for blooms and fruiting. In this case you should add some lime or wood ash to the coffee grounds and you’ll have the complete fertilizer.

  1. For composting

If you don’t use the coffee grounds as a fertilizer right away, put them in the compost pile. Coffee grounds are great for composting because they are rich in nitrogen. Also, by adding old coffee grounds to your compost you will attract beneficial warms. Just be careful not to overuse freshly brewed grounds since they need some time to break down in the compost so they could work.

  1. To Grow Healthy Crops of Carrots

If you love carrots and you want to plant them in your garden, here’s what you should do in order to help them thrive. Before you sow the seeds, mix them with some old dried coffee grounds. This way you’ll give your carrots a boost right from the start.

Use Them in the House

  1. To Remove food odor

Clean your fridge and freezer easily just by using coffee grounds. Load up a small open container with old coffee grounds, place them at the back of the fridge or the freezer and leave them there for a few weeks. Meanwhile, collect some more coffee grounds for the next round of cleaning. For that time the grounds will absorb food odors from the fridge and the freezer. Plus, after you remove the smelly old grounds from the freezer or the fridge, you can toss them on the compost pile and use them later for fertilizing.

  1. To Clean the Counters and Wash the Dishes

Put some old coffee grounds on an old cloth or a sponge and use them to scrub away stuck-on food from the dishes and to clean your counters. And don’t worry about damaging the surface because while coffee grounds are abrasive they aren’t too harsh.

  1. As Beautiful Golden Dye

If you are into art and crafts, coffee grounds can help you increase your imagination and creativity. Turn white boring paper into “antique” parchment. Later you can use this parchment for all kinds of crafts and art and create some unique and interesting gifts. Soak some old coffee grounds and use them to dye everything from cloths and feathers and even Easter eggs.

  1. For Homemade candles

If you enjoy in the smell of coffee and you just love the feeling of a freshly brewed one, why not have that smell all day long. Try making homemade candles. You’ll need to use a small paper coffee cup, about a cup of wax candle ends, scissors, a paper towel, a wick, a small sauce pan for melting the wax, some used coffee grounds and a small glass mixing bowl. Make yourself coffee candles and light them whenever you like to enjoy the smell you really like.

  1. To Clean the Fireplace

One of the most boring and annoying chore is definitely cleaning the fireplace. Not only you have to clean the fireplace but you also have to wipe out every piece of furniture in the room because of those huge clouds of smoke that often arise. Luckily, that won’t longer be the case. All you need to do is to scatter some used coffee grounds over the ashes to weigh them down. This way you will easily shovel the ashes out without having to clean everything else when you are done.

Use Them as a Beauty Product

  1. As Skin Exfoliation

Remove dead cells from your skin by making exfoliating body scrub with coffee grounds. Mix some of your natural oil with some warm water and some used coffee grounds. Then scrub your skin from head to toe.

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  1. To Prepare Rejuvenating Facial

Everybody loves to have young and lively skin. Prepare a mask by mixing two tablespoons of used coffee grounds with equal amount of organic cocoa powder. Then add three tablespoons of whole milk or heavy cream and finally add a tablespoon of honey for a perfect all-natural alpha-hydroxy and antioxidant facial.

  1. To Make Homemade Soap

Most often we absorb caffeine by drinking coffee. But did you know that you can also absorb caffeine through your skin? The proof for that are so many caffeinated soaps available on the internet. But why spending so much money on something you can make by yourself at home.

Take your everyday soap and improve its effects by adding some coffee grounds to it. Melt your regular soap into a saucepan and then add some coffee grounds to it. You can also add some other ingredients, like essential oils, if you like. Stir well until you get an even mixture and pour the mixture into a container. Wait until it becomes firm and you can use the improved version of your soap for your next bath.