1 Essential Oil Trick To Alkalize Your Body,Activate Your Metabolism,and Fight Inflammation

A lot of people believe that the consumption of a glass of water with half a lemon first thing in the morning can provide incredible effects for our well-being. Namely, this habit will boost digestion, balancing body pH levels,alleviate heartburn and stimulate the liver.

But sadly, this drink has one significant disadvantage- which is dental health. Namely, the acid in the lemon can damage the teeth enamel. Teeth enamel is crucial for the dental health, as it protects the dentin, and if eroded, various other problems will arise. Moreover, it is even worse when it is combined with warm water.

There are several tricks to minimize damage. Use a straw, rinse with filtered water right afterwards, and brush the teeth prior to drinking. These are all useful tips, but will not stop the erosion entirely.

Lemon essential oil is the best trick:


This essential oil is produced from the rinds of the lemon, and not its juice. This essential oil is not acidic, as its pH is neutral. Interestingly, 3,000 lemon rinds are needed for the production of 1 kg of lemon essential oil! Furthermore, the oil is better absorbed than the lemon juice.

Hence, all you need to do is to add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a glass of water and consume this drink regularly! Make sure when consuming essential oils only to mix in glass drink ware. Plastic has been known to erode with essential oils.

Practicing this will help you in the case of acne, respiratory issues, heartburn,gallstones. It will also lead to mental clarity, it will energize your body, reduce inflammations and boostyour metabolism.