You Will Be Regret That You Have Not Used It Before, Incredible Salt!

This mineral helps body to get all the essential minerals, also is the natural regulator of electrolyte in the body and better absorption of the nutrients and detoxification. Here is a long list of helth benefits using the Himalayan salt.


Except that supplies the body with minerals and minerals in traces, allows the natural regulation of the electrolytes in the body to better absorption of nitrates and detoxification. It encourages and accelerates the rinsing accumulated toxins in the body and is recommended to all, especially those who have high blood pressure and retention of water in the body.

Himalayan salt is the purest salt of the earth, from unpolluted ecosystem older than 250 million years. With its perfect crystal structure and composition of 84 minerals and elements of the same proportion found in our body- it helps the body and nervous composition achieving balance and is extremely rejuvenating effect.

Acts as a regulator of stress, but stabilizes improperly typed of the heart. Controls sugar in the blood and helps the kidneys to excreted excess acidity in urine. Acts of cleaning the lungs of mucus, it is particularly useful for people who are sick with asthma and cystic fibrosis. You should use if times from dry cough, is enough to put a little of the language.

Pure Sine, prevents muscle spasms, helps maintain muscle tone and strength, strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis, prevents spreading veins of the legs and thighs, maintain sexuality and libido, prevents excess production saliva …


Himalayan salt can be used as a beverage, rinse and inhaled. Bath salt from Himalayan salt is especially recommended for skin disease .Prepare it so that the tub with warm water put 200 g, Himalayan salt. Prepare 2 times a week.

If your skin is irritated and ivy, suffering from stinging insect, you have blisters and sores, prepared a pint of water and 100 gr. Himalayan salt.

Allow to cool to room temperature and place liners irritating area. Repeat until required.

Solution will help with acne and rash. For clean and fed with minerals make skin peeling with Himalayan salt and dialed essential oil.

The result is a gentle and accessible skin.

One spoon salt dip in a glass of water and consuming for flushing the mouth,  and also for the nose and eyes.

Inhalation solution of 2 liters of water and 200 g, Himalayan salt will help sinus infections and inflammation of the ear, nose problems, will help the festering sore throat, bronchitis and infections that are constantly emerging.

Make the Inhalation morning and evening.

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For rheumatism and diseases of the joints, do liter solution of water and 100 g of salt. Compresses on the  painful areas three times a week for a month.

The athletic feet, tired and painful legs do the bath feet of water and cast 3 150 g. Himalayan salt. In solution at room temperature dip your feet half an hour. Repeat if necessary.

Himalayan salt helps in regulating the dream. In aroma lamp place tea spoon salt and add water.

Negative ion activate who lay remove bacteria, increase the capacity of oxygen levels, improve operation of metabolism, helps concentration and increases the body’s resistance, removes fatigue.

Also acts conveniently against headache, insomnia, depression, allergies, and asthma.